Tuesday, February 5, 2013

VICKS Behind Ear Thermometer

The flu season has arrived early this year. We have taken on many precautions as possible. Flu shots, hand sanitizer  Boogie Wipes, covering mouths but unfortunately it didn't stop the flu madness. When our children are ill we try to comfort them by any means possible and the Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer offers a way to not struggle to get their temp.

The Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer has many advantages such as:

  • Fever Insight Color Code Screen (green-ok, yellow- mild, red-high)
  • Memory System (tracks and saves last 8 temp readings)
  • Reads Celsius and Fahrenheit 
  • Lifetime Warranty
Using the thermometer is very simple. You turn it on, place behind ear, push start and in 1 second you have the temp. When I used it on Little T he had no idea I had even taken his temp, it was so quick and easy. The color coded screen makes it way easier for Mr. K to understand what needs to happen if I am not here. Green they are good to go, yellow they need meds and rest and red means he needs to call me home and call the doctor. 

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  1. A sick baby is a terrible thing, but man, trying to take the temperature of a sick baby is brutal! I'm glad to see a product that makes it easier on moms.

  2. I love thermometers like these that do not add to a baby's discomfort when they are sick and you can use them when they are asleep without waking them. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We've gone to the one you swipe across the forehead. Never looked back!

  4. I always have the hardest time getting temps from the kids and then remember what thermometer I used where (front end or back end lol). This will eliminate all that. Thanks for the review.

  5. I got one too and love it!! Now there is no need to fight my boys when I need to take their temperature!

  6. Thanks for the share! I was just saying to my hubby this morning how we have made it to February with 7 healthy family members. Sure hope that I didn't jinx it!


  7. I am sooo glad they finally came out with a thermometer that can be placed on a babies body--not inside their tush (where I was always afraid it would break!)

  8. I have not opened ours yet but sounds like a great product wish i had one when my babies were babies!!

  9. While my kids are no longer babies, taking their temperature still causes anxienty for each of them. This looks perfect for my kiddos and would make sick time easier to bear!

  10. I love mine. Makes it so much easier to take temperature's.

  11. This is an amazing thermometer! I really like this. I can use it for many purposes. I can measure temperature of my baby's ear. Thanks for the review.


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