Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kanex Sydnee (R&G)

If you have children like mine, they will most likely break or come close to breaking every gadget you own. Too many time my kids have been playing and tripped over cords, which usually send whatever is plugged in flying through the air, only to hit the ground. I have discovered the Kanex Sydnee, which offers the perfect solution.

The Kanex Sydnee is a Smart Rechargeable Station for iPad and iPhone. Their is 1 simple cord, but 4 ports, meaning I don't have to have all those loose cords that I have to find plugs for that will in return be in my children's path. The Sydnee gives out 2.1 amps, enough to charge all your gadgets! It has auto detecting smart charge that allows maximum supply to each device that is connected. It is simple to just plug my iPad and iPhone in, along with Mr.K's and let them charge. No more broken Gadgets! The Sydnee is available in both black and white.

A huge Thank You to Kanex who has offered (1) of my lucky readers their very own Sydnee in choice color. 

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  1. I need a USB car charger, so I will say that at this moment, but there are lots of cool stuff!

  2. I like the Travel Bud!

  3. I like the 3 in 1 travel bud.


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