Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nuby Comfort Orthodontic Pacifiers Review

I have always disliked those orangish yellowish, nipple colored pacifiers! With the Nuby Comfort Orthodontic Pacifiers you get design and comfort for your baby!
The Nuby Comfort Orthodontic Pacifiers or binkies as we refer to them are very cute and stylish. The pacifiers have an orthodontic baglet that fits the shape of your babies mouth, and offers healthy oral development. The baglet has massage bristles that soothe and massage your babies gums. They are also BPA Free. It is never to early to make sure you child has the best oral care, and this is were it all starts. The Nuby Comfort Orthodontic Pacifiers are available at:


I was not compensated for this review. I was offered a product or products to give my honest and fair opinion. You experience and opinion may vary.


  1. Nuby pacis were my daughter's favorite! The new Comfort Orthodontic Pacifiers sound like a great choice.

  2. These are the ones my little guys used. Love them!

  3. I like the bristles. My son used a paci for a few months, but was never crazy about it. I wonder if he would've liked something like this better.

  4. They are super cute! What a great accessory! :)


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