Meet the Family behind Kostiuk Crew.


Hello All! My name is Alisha and I am the owner here at Kostiuk Crew. I grew up in a small town in Northeast Kansas, moved away and moved back to start my own family here.

I am happily married (today anyways, ask again tomorrow) to Mr. K. We have been together since High School. 14 years now. Mr. K enjoys Hockey, working in the yard and watching Castle. He is a killer cook and never goes by a recipe. He can make everything from mouth watering steaks to the best Cheese cake ever.

Meet the Kostiuk Kids!

Miss M is 12 years old. She is a straight A, Book loving, try to always do her best kind of girl. She loves Divergent, Miranda Lambert and every and any type of music. With her age comes her mouth. She is 12 going on nineteen. Makeup, ipads, iphone are all things that she at any given time will be playing with.

Our middle child is Mr. K. He is 10 years old, and is defiantly a one of a kind little boy.  He loves to read, play video games, Kansas City Chiefs and New York Yankees. He can play for hours by himself and enjoys his own company.

The baby of the family is Little T. At 8 years old he defiantly keeps us on our toes. You never know what might come out of his mouth as he loves to be funny and is a heart-breaker. He is a stylish, girl crazy little boy. Little T loves doing anything active (jumping,  dancing, singing, etc) anything that will give him the spotlight and loves getting dirty. He can play in the mud and sand for hours.

Welcome to our crazy little journey of raising these three little monsters and keeping the rocks steady in our marriage.


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